People ask why need a website when you can go to Social Media? Where the platforms already have traffic and a user base.

There is a truth to that.

But there are many reasons why you still need a website in the era of Social Media.

  1. 1. You don’t own the Platform. Social Media is amazing but you can’t control how it works, how it looks, how people interact with it and you don’t control the rules. Be a Control Freak! You need to be in 100% control of your online presence. You need to own a website to do it!
    What would you do if your favorite social media platform went away just like VINE did?
  2. 2. You have the ability to create a direct relationship with your audience by having an email list and newsletter.
  3. 3. Your Business/Brand looks Prestigious and professional.
  4. 4. A website can consolidate your brand. People can download Pdf’s and portfolios about your service.

I’m not saying that you should stop using social media as a marketing tool. Social media and Websites are meant to complement each other. Social media can be used to share information that you post on your website, and share links that direct people to your website for more information. None of them can be fully effective in isolation. A website can keep information for long but it requires social media (plus other features like SEO) to let the world know that the information exists.